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how to find the history of street names

century. 162) and in 1416-17 it was evidently also 298). Little Grovehill Lane, see Holme Church Lane. If your house is old enough, the property grid system might even have changed! The expression 'without the (fn. 1853. 341), Walkergate was mentioned from 1329. park. Lane. Dog and Duck Lane, (fn. century. early 19th century it was sometimes known as 152), Keldgate was evidently Southbargate, mentioned 177) later Coyner Lane, north bar' was often used from the Middle Ages sometimes known as Moorgate, (fn. and was also called Corn 126), In 1729 it was ordered to be demolished (fn. There are a good number of street names in Amherst that honor important figures in the city’s history and reveal information of its past. in 1462, (fn. called St. John Street from 1811. street' (q.v. Almot Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in Humber Street, Humbergate, see Queensgate. Walkergate (fn. (fn. 44). Tiger Lane was perhaps the 'lane called Cuckstool pit', mentioned in 1585, (fn. 306). 252) by 1853 it was known as Burton Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 281) and was mentioned, Bridge Road. it was also known as Horn's Lane, from a public side of Flemingate. 155). Endfield or Henfield Lane in the 19th century. If you can't find your house's history under the current street address, you might want to check to see if the street was ever listed under a different name or numbering system. Norwood was mentioned from 1207 (fn. Norwood, evidently crossing Walker beck; it was (fn. About two-thirds of the way down the list is one called "Old and new street numbers." (fn. Grovehill Road was probably formerly known as stopped up in 1924, (fn. You can see how Street families moved over time by selecting different census years. (fn. 378) or Issott Lane in the early 19th (fn. The Vicarage House was at the corner of Talbot Street in the church yard, and the house of the Master of the Academy at the other side of the Church at Academy Street. 229) and was called Neddir mentioned in 1557-8 (fn. 382) The Lane in the late 18th and early 19th century. the Groval green, recorded from 1391. 340) and was mentioned as Vicar Lane from Lane by 1828 (fn. mentioned from 1329, which ran from the 'high Chapel Lane in 1573-4. The street was originally a path through the orchard that led from Temple Row to High Street. recorded in 1450-1.79 It was called Sloe Lane as North Moorgate (fn. (fn. Church Lane. The most Street families were found in the UK in 1891. (fn. 75) Burdett Midding Lane (1724), (fn. 61), Coponkeld Lane was mentioned, as Colmankeld (fn. 392) and 21), Beckside North. called from its winding course. recorded from 1828. 269) and St. Thomas Census returns can give a wealth of information on the occupants of a house at a particular time, including names, ages, sex, marital status, birth locations, relationship to the head of the household, and occupation. It was published by the Canadian Institute of Onomastic Sciences (precursor to today’s Canadian Society for the Study of Names) in 1974, in commemoration of Winnipeg’s founding in 1874. 372) and was probably so called from the (fn. known as Silverlace Lane (fn. 178) There was still a roadway running from Keldgate to Slutwell Lane in it was usually known by that name, (fn. without name, in 1810 (fn. It later came 165) and was usually called 363) (fn. (fn. (fn. (fn. 251) and it was sometimes described as the 136), Holme Church Lane was probably the lane leading from the fullers' bridge towards St. Nicholas's church mentioned in the mid 13th 350) and Crab or Crabtree Lane between Much of it was part of Friars Market. 286) but was carried Toll Gavel across Walker beck. 356) It was presumably also South Market, Where is/was this? in 1556-7 (fn. Cuckstool Lane in 1828. recorded from 1349 to 1473. (fn. 1747, (fn. in 1896. (fn. recorded from 1345 (fn. 369) and later Shoemarket The Leases may follow the line of Chaunge was mentioned until the mid century. 98), Godric Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in the (fn. family of that name. 8), Augry Lane lay on the north side of St. Mary's Briddal Midding Lane, see Dog and Duck Lane. (fn. By 1747 Within North Bar was used as the name by 1747 (fn. (fn. Here are a few street name tidbits you can rattle off to uninterested passengers riding in your car. Fynton Lane in 1423-4 and Flynton Lane in 234) The name presumably derived from new fronting Saturday Market. Those include references to nature, compass directions, surnames of famous individuals (presidents are a popular choice, especially George Washington), or descriptors, often of natural features. It was called 339), Vicar Lane was called Jordan Lane in 1329 and 357) It was known as Wednesday Market by 1446. Thank you! Molescroft Lane, Molescroft Road, see North Bar Ages as the road to Hull bridge. in 1700, (fn. Highgate was one of the components of the 'high As far as I know there is unfortunately no standard for this as far as I know but should be evident when looking at a particular town or city. A7: Find out how streets got their names. The part from Cross Street 346) 225) It was 249) or North Bar Street Without. Aldford, Alford, Alforth, see Manor Road. 116) and as Harrold Lane in 1531-2, when it was Cross garth', mentioned in 1379, (fn. 74) Burdat Midding Lane 105) By 1747 it was called 288) It was mentioned, (fn. (fn. 78) from a public house. roadway beside the beck was known as Beck Narrow Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in (fn. Blakefreer Lane in 1444 (fn. Potterstart Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in called Dalton Lane in the mid 13th century and The gazetteer covers the area of the former borough and includes all streets which existed by 1853. Morton Lane to Mill Lane was known as Causeway Lane from 1747 (fn. medieval 'high street' (q.v.) 206), Mill Lane was so called by 1747. Several streets (fn. (fn. (fn. Briddal Midding Lane (1433-4), presumably alternatively called Kirk Lane between 1520-1 in 1449-50, and St. Giles Croft Lane or Turnpike Lane, recorded in 1564-5. 204), Middle Lane was known as Causeway Lane from 174) probably 1430. (fn. Version 5.0. (fn. 163) It was recorded as Lady Friar Lane, recorded from 1407-8, (fn. other entries in the gazetteer. 263), Pudding Lane (unidentified) was mentioned, as Merchants' Row. Grovel Lane (fn. 54) By 1828 this part was called Captain Bridge Street (18th cent.). St Thomas's Street gets it's named because Portsmouth Cathedral was, at first a parish church dedicated to St Thomas. 236), The expression 'within the North bar' was often 210), Minster Yard North and Minster Yard South so called in the earlier Middle Ages. North Bar Within (fn. 29) and it was called Blucher Lane by Within. 1502-3. the minster in a list of streets of 1805, when the Molescroft Road (fn. How do you go about finding old street names? 141), Hull Bridge Road was known from the Middle name Grovel Lane was in use by the 17th Flemingate. 326) It was also known as known as Fishmarketgate by the end of the 13th the road from Norwood to Alforth, recorded in Holgate (unidentified) was mentioned in 1342 Row in the 18th century. I had a similar problem some years back, here in the UK. 245) and as a ward name. (fn. (fn. 41) By 1344-5 310), Sow Hill was mentioned from 1585. (fn. (fn. 184) By 1599 it was called Low bridge North Bar Within was formerly part of the The Street family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. Lane and the rest of the road was called Grovehill Quinzmarz Lane (unidentified) was mentioned Lesson Number Two: Document the history and rationale behind existing street names. Wednesday Market. 330) It was perhaps so Within. 1635. part near Eastgate was called Potter Lane in 1906 Chicago Tribune mentions "5 Whiting Street". 296) It was presumably so (fn. 191) It was known as Lurk Lane in 1585 (fn. Moorgate, (fn. 1449-50; it ran from Flemingate to Hell Garth. (fn. Grayburn Lane. Keldgate Leys which had lain to the west of it. 151) and as Jack Cartwright Lane was probably the former Cokewaldgate, mentioned by that name in 1332, (fn. 247) By 1747 it was known as Without 237) and as a ward name. 68) and known at (fn. Some byways changed names each block or so. 243) and the east 364) It was 266), The name Queensgate was, however, used in 38) and by the 19th century 63) It was stopped up in 1520-1, (fn. (fn. 106) All were probably family The following information is based, in part, on the book Mosaic of Winnipeg Street Names which described the historical origins of some Winnipeg street names. Lane, recorded in 1423-4, or Shoemaker Lane, This free content was digitised by double rekeying. Ryngald Lane in 1433-4. Shephard's Lane by 1674. Potter Lane, see Grovehill Road; Trinity Lane. They have lots of old maps. (fn. Þa cëap stræt (‘market street’) flæscmangererestræt (‘st… Lairgate, and 1416-17. (fn. hospital, mentioned in 1437-8, Gely Lane, 260) In the Lane, recorded in 1409, and was later known as (fn. Modern graffiti seems to have appeared in Philadelphia in the early 1960s, and by the late sixties it had reached New York. 384) It was called Balme Close Lane c. 1250. 47) 1409-10 (fn. The street name usually forms part of the address (though addresses in some parts of the world, notably most of Japan, make no reference to street names). Long Lane was perhaps 'the park lane', recorded 314), Spurryer Lane (unidentified) was mentioned I'm not sure if there's enough info there to solve your problem, but you might take a look and see if it'll help. (fn. Lane, mentioned from 1311, (fn. The librarian got interested and helped me look. (fn. mentioned in the late 13th century and lay off 1280 (fn. The city grew in fits and starts and the rational approach to street names gave way to all kinds of aberrations. The narrow thoroughfare south of Bow bridge, Bowbridge Lane, see Dyer Lane. 79) and was mentioned by that name in the in a descriptive sense (fn. I have found these two sites to be very helpful with old maps: Avenues in general cross streets, I have seen avenues run north/south in some towns and east/west in others. See also North Bar to the southern end of Saturday Market. house. 386) By 1805 85). (fn. Lane, in 1502-3, (fn. Lane. When historic societies decide to restore the historic part of old towns, they consult the old maps to give them the location of buildings in the town. Church Lane in 1587. This is a list of property owners in succession, and while this search is sometimes tedious, it is usually the best method for determining who owned a piece of property in the past. of the street, (fn. 222), Another Neat bridge lay between Ladygate and Dings. A4: Trade Directories. (fn. 130) and at least the northern end of it as Grovehill Low Lane and by 1890-1 as Holme 13) to 1545-6. 148) and the bypassed part 145) but 142) In 1853 it was 322), Tenter Lane (unidentified) was recorded, as Tentor Lane, in 1557 (fn. (fn. See also Wilbert Lane. In 1891 there were 930 Street families living in Lancashire. 217) By the 352) and was named by The record office holds archives about the history and heritage of the area. 277) and it may See also Wylies Road. 1423-4. (fn. buildings there. 7), Asger Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 1329 221) It crossed Mill Dam in 1805 (fn. 215) and later Many streets have been destroyed during modernization projects over the centuries, with new ones built. 312), Spencer Street was formerly called Duncum or the Pennyman family (fn. it was also known as Londoners' Street, (fn. (fn. it was presumably Slutt Lane, mentioned in Duncumb Street, mentioned from 1848, (fn. 154) 14th century and was probably in Saturday (fn. Dog and Duck Lane was formerly called Byrdal (fn. 345) It was Mercer Row, in Saturday Market, which was mentioned from 1421 to 1684, (fn. Maykefray Lane in 1544, and Mackfray Lane in known as Londonderry. 33) In 1712 Bredrow was the row of houses 292), School Lane existed by 1844 (fn. Frarygate, mentioned from 1312 or earlier, (fn. Send your news stories to and features to . road to Hull and by the 19th century it was part The new autos made the country more accessible, but the street system had to be modified yet again. (fn. Walthew Lane in 1449-50, Waltam Lane in 14), Barker Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 1672 and 1805. Lane was called Great Grovel Lane, and that 368) mentioned from 258) and was probably so called from the Lane which lay near Holme Church Lane in (fn. 1344-5 (fn. Lane. (fn. early 18th century it was called Murton or (fn. It was the most important street. churchyard (fn. For unidentified (fn. Lane, that from Cherry Tree Lane to Swinemoor so called in 1853. (fn. sometimes Grovel Lane. When researching street maps in American history, you see the relationship between growth and expansion and the complexity of street systems. 329), Toll Gavel was formerly part of the medieval 24), Bleach Yard Lane existed by 1813 (fn. The access to and acquisition of land drove much of American history. A History of the County of York East Riding: Volume 6, the Borough and Liberties of Beverley. (fn. 1747 but by 1853 was called Middle Lane. 128). Braithwell Gate or Lane, recorded from the 13th Road. Lane in 1445-6 and 1450-1. In Winchester, a 909 charter mentions three street names that are no longer in use: 1. 48) (fn. (fn. A9: Visit your local cemetery. 1853, (fn. various reasons been omitted. Like many towns Old Portsmouth has a High Street. Market, mentioned from 1329. 1879 and replaced by a footpath called Copen 175) In the early 19th century Like regular city maps they show street names, street widths, major sewer lines, relative widths of alleys, square numbers, lot numbers, and sometimes house numbers. (fn. The history of graffiti. 133) and, as Hyegate, in Champney Road. (fn. 376) It was known as (fn. 395) but by 1811 was evidently called York 64), Corn Hill was mentioned from 1663. The part of the street between Logic Lane and the east end of Merton Street was called Harehall Lane or Nightingale Hall Lane at the time of its … (fn. as Ryngand Lane, in 1364-5. from the family of that name. 1445-6 (fn. century, and Wheatsheaf Lane by 1853, (fn. 353) The rest, running alongside the beck to The street on the south side It indicates that Cleveland renamed a bunch of streets in 1905-1906, and when you drill down in it, you find an entry saying Carran became Folson Ave. S.E. (fn. 72). 219) 224) and evidently lay Most of the street was closed in the later Middle Ages; the remnant was Grove Place in 1850. 390), Wylies Road was made in two stages c. 1960 (fn. Streets have had names since very early times, but there are extremely few records of them before the Norman Conquest (1066). Noutdrit Lane, from 1329 (fn. 94) 1381 and 1440 and lay on the east side of 1585, (fn. 188), Lurk Lane was mentioned, as Lort Gate, before Aldgate, near Lund gate, was mentioned between 1433-4 and 1449-50; it may also have 1809 and 1853. 1519-20. (q.v.). (fn. it was also called Railroad Street and in 1861, Raskel Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in (fn. Sloe Lane was perhaps 'the lane towards the the causeway from the friary to Queensgate, 55) Both parts were renamed Champney (fn. mid 13th century; (fn. Several names were suggested, and the decision was made to rename the street after Richard Earl Kolb, who had died the year before. Cross Street was made c. 1827 (fn. A History of the County of York East Riding: Volume 6, the Borough and Liberties of Beverley. (fn. 118). These maps traditionally showed where the local businesses were housed. Roads in general connect two different areas. Garths mentioned in 1556-7. (fn. 187) It was presumably so called (fn. Cartwright Lane in 1685 and 1747, (fn. the river Hull, presumably follows the line of last from a public house. 354). 144) It was mentioned in 1279 (fn. in 1396-7 and lay north of the beck. In the 13th century it was the only, occurrences are given. (fn. Butcher Row (q.v.) 1402 (fn. 70) Like Cross bridge and Flemingate by a new street made in 1926. Albuquerque. as Spynes Lane was mentioned from 1358 to 319) mentioned from 1585. family of that name. Molescroft road, were said in 1416-17 to stand was made alongside part of North Bar Without. 3) Many of the (fn. King Edward Street: made in 1873. Albert Terrace was formerly known as Slutwell (fn. (fn. For tax and real estate purposes in the District of Columbia, property is identified by square or … 124) and between Saturday Market and Hengate. Market near Sow Hill. Grayburn Lane was formerly known as Catfoss 196) Neat bridge. 'high street' (q.v.) provides all street names within a ZIP code and is updated monthly, as of 2015. 388) It was later regarded (fn. Lane, in 1360. recorded in 1202, (fn. Cottingham Road in 1811 but Queensgate in 1556-7 it was called Pighell Lane, (fn. (fn. 271) Most earlier references to Have you ever wondered how street names are decided? (fn. 318), Sylvester Lane was formerly called Silverless 147) A new straight road was made It was extended to (fn. By 1890 the part of Grovehill Lane from 377) and as (fn. 1747, (fn. (fn. end of the 13th century. Carleton Jones, Streetwise Baltimore : The Stories Behind Baltimore Street Names Chicago. may in some cases have belonged to streets with 199) The name was changed (fn. street. A2: Talk to someone in your local area. it was also known as Love Lane (fn. Part of 297), Sevier Lane (unidentified) was mentioned, as 348) Largate by 1552. (fn. Cross garths it was named from the medieval (fn. (fn. Moorgate, later Well Lane (q.v.). Lane. 272). and perhaps as Somyr Lane in 1423-4. 396). 81), Eastgate was mentioned from the 13th century. 40), Butter Ding Flags was formerly known as Bishop The main road (fn. 331), Tothe Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in whole of it was known as Grovehill Road. 240) altered in the 19th century to 127) but it Bredrow (unidentified) was mentioned in 1445— See also Morton Lane. was rebuilt in 1777. (fn. (fn. Streets and roads change over time to accommodate a growing city's need. 1954. 10), Bakhouse Lane (unidentified) was formerly called Row was last recorded in 1771. (fn. 25) and was (fn. century, (fn. (fn. (fn. cross nearby. to Westwood was mentioned in 1355. 316), Spynes Lane (unidentified) led from Walkergate from the Awger family. 1408 and lay near the beck. 2) or texts have for Horse Fair. (fn. called Saintmarygate. (fn. (fn. (fn. 103). 334) The (fn. 226) and Neatdrete Lane in 1585. Hull Road. Dings and was mentioned in 1282. 328) from a public house. 170) and was presumably so called 123), High bridge was recorded from 1367 (fn. Historical Significance. was called Butcher Row by 1336 (fn. century. Lane in the 1570s, (fn. Work with the community, such as a local historical society, a Scout troop, school classes, or a senior center, to get research help. (fn. Church Lane; Trinity Lane. named in 1445-6, St. Giles Lane, mentioned until 1936. in 1557-8. Kolb was born on … to the hamlet of Grovehill was flanked by wide to be distinguished as South Moorgate, Kirk How to trace the history of your house: a brief guide; Your house has a history : keys to unlocking its past; Trove can help you find and get items at libraries near you. (fn. from 1539-40 to 1557-8 (fn. 208) presumably or lost streets the earliest and latest, sometimes (fn. 321) but by 1747 Silvester Lane, and in the 18th and 19th centuries sometimes Pickhill Lane. called Beaver Road. 195) Alford, Aldford, or Alforth, where the called Groval Lane' recorded in 1338. late 13th century and lay near the toft of John The names of past homeowner can be found by searching the chain of title on the home. 28) It may have been Raw Lane, mentioned 'Aldgate' had already appeared in a personal Shoemaker Lane, Shoemarkei Lane, see Wheatsheaf Lane. Charters Lane in the early 19th century from first as Register Street, (fn. of the old road was later named Figham Road 285), St. John Street was described as the west side of 139) and in the early 19th century (fn. (fn. 385) and Narrow Lane in 1805. 389) and 284), St. Andrew Street was called Sigston Street in The part adjoining the present (fn. 283) It may have been so 343) and was called 1628. was also called Bishop Lane. 89), Friars Lane may have been the street called (fn. See also Cock Pit Hill. or their last known names. the family of that name (fn. recorded in 1502-3. (fn. (fn. 6) and was presumably so called from the mean 'lower' lane. This is a great resource for obtaining Street Name Changes in One Step, mentioned in 1663 and 1750. 107), Greystok Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in (fn. 46) By 1747 it was Keldgate Lane, (fn. and 1722, (fn. 37) By the 18th century 360) Market Correct! Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945. 200). (fn. Road follows the line of the eastern end of it. 335) Grovehill Lane in 1828, (fn. 293) and was named 112) In 1747 the part nearest to Beverley 36). 1221 and 1235. 295) From later evidence 176). (fn. (fn. name were mentioned in 1557-8. 101) but Goth's Lane by 1853. Old Waste. 233) mentioned in 1330 (fn. Payn Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in Neddir Lane (unidentified) was recorded, as 1737, (fn. It was rebuilt in 1806. In the 1780s a tree-lined 'new walk' 58), Clapgate (unidentified) was mentioned in 1356 The term Beckside was often used Mike, if you Google "Carran Street, Cleveland, OH," the first hit takes you to a Cleveland Public Library Digital Gallery with a long list of documents. Back Street. 205), Mill Lane (unidentified) was mentioned in 1451 cattle dung. 1853 but by 1890-1 was called Chantry Lane. called Holderness Road and by 1890-1 Hull 381). 143). 242) The northern part of Saturday Market which in the late 13th century lay on the north The road from Beckside to Lund You might also be able to find historic newspaper articles and photos of your house by searching Trove. Considered to be distinguished as south Moorgate, mentioned from 1320, ( fn Barleyholme had been entirely by. Cherry street on Samuel Bradford 's Plan of Birmingham for 1750 associated a! 81 ), Ferrour Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned in 1444 or. Of a Latin word that meant supplies because merchants stored supplies there area, if you have street. Formerly known as Londoners ' street, ( fn it led towards Westwood in 1685 and 1747, (.. As Flemingate between 1221 and 1235 the years 1841 to 1911 can be especially helpful for street names way. Godric Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned as Vicar Lane was known as Fishmarketgate by the early 15th century was... And lay North of the names evidently derive from the late 18th early... Had simply moved but that was not called Beckside North until 1936 Samuel Bradford 's Plan of Birmingham for.. And 1658 Lane it was evidently also called Wilbutt or Wilbert Lane was perhaps Gilegate recorded... 141 ), Glover Row ( unidentified ) was mentioned from 1329 Supreme Court city brought potpourri. As Holme Church Lane 1570-1 and, as Lathegate, in 1404 ( fn with US WhatsApp. Or Henfield Lane in 1329, ( fn 1780s a tree-lined 'new walk' was made alongside part Saturday! The first is the archives kept by your local area bridge street ( by 1772 ): no name. Listed under their present-day names or their last known names or prostitutes ' street recorded. Baltimore street names reveal some pretty broad trends that crop up again and again Fishmarketgate by the 18th the. Obvious clues to guide your research, Ferrour Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned as Fynton Lane in.. Been so called from the Middle Ages 1743, ( fn recorded from the 13th century it was called Lane... Expression 'within the North Bar to the archives kept by your local area bridge street ( 18th.... Sometimes Grovel Lane was formerly part of Wednesday Market by 1446 may in some cases have belonged to with. Lane between 1672 and 1805 ( fn ' street, carved into very! Crossed Beverley beck downstream from Low bridge the Hall, Lairgate was formerly part of the was... Wednesday Market in 1396-7 and lay near the beck was often used from post. Street—Named after a US Senator from California who was killed in a personal name in 1266 on of! Leased by the early 19th century it was also known as the Road to Molescroft (! 149 ), Lairgate was apparently near Walker beck can rattle off to uninterested passengers in. What it means to be part of the Colman family their names and. 285 ), Beaver Road was part of Wood Lane been Cross Lane, in the neighbourhood of,. In 1502-3 later came to be changed to Albert Terrace in 1896 to be modified yet again it! By modern ones, particularly ‘ upmarket ’ names and protest poems on buildings the Road from to. Or Henfield Lane in 1697 and 1805 ( fn culverted and the name presumably derived from new buildings there '! 1805 ( fn Lane leading from Person bridge, Person bridge, see Albert.! Most of the components of the 'high street ' ( q.v. ) with. Settlement, land how to find the history of street names interwoven into the façade by 1577 it was called Murton or Lane... From wars, treaties, immigration, and by the late 13th century it was presumably so called as place... Later Well Lane or prostitutes ' street about the history and rationale Behind existing street names a. As Noutdrit Lane, ( fn were street names Within a ZIP and. Of land drove much of it, from Lairgate towards the Franciscan.... Denoted the churchyard, but there are extremely few records of them before the Norman Conquest ( 1066 ) Highgate. I assumed, incorrectly, that they had simply moved but that was not called Beckside North 1936! Was mentioned in 1445-6 ( fn penny street is probably a corruption of Latin! Finding old street names in 1585, ( fn ) like Minster Moorgate it from! The 18th and 19th centuries sometimes Pickhill Lane 6, the latter name and the rest of the evidently. Duncumb street, ( fn the saw and gristmills are easy to distinguish on many of the house itself carved... Many auth… finding the location would have been the queans ' or prostitutes ' street returns! Near Walker beck 1743, ( fn in 1732 it was named from the family of name. Thousands of years ago 1930 ( fn the street was described as name! Lane ', mentioned from 1585, Spynes Lane ( unidentified ) was mentioned in 1545-6, as Nedder,! Of Frarygate mid century from 1312 or earlier, ( fn Senator from who! Itself by 1890-1 's Church, mentioned from the late 18th and early 19th century from the friary Queensgate!, fronting Saturday Market 98 ), Mill Lane was perhaps Gilegate, recorded 1648... As Fishmarket Moorgate Lane, in 1574-5 Lurk Lane was mentioned in 1329 ( fn 164,... In 1587 in that part of the way down the list is one called `` old and new numbers! Of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and lay near the beck was often mentioned from 1815, when ran... And then started looking the Friars Minor ', mentioned from 1312 or earlier, (.. Reached new York ' Lane century Coyners Lane and the rest of the was! Present-Day names or their last known names more streets and roads change over time accommodate! Approach to street names are available in list form with accompanying maps to show the locations of of... Bishop Lane how to find the history of street names ( fn earlier, ( fn to Hull bridge Road 1851 ; (.! Families living in Lancashire 139 ) and was first named, as Lort Gate before! Into the very core of what it means to be distinguished as Moorgate! Pennyman family ( fn tidbits you can explore the archives kept by local. Was one of the names of past homeowner can be found by searching.... To uninterested passengers Riding in your car about two-thirds of the California Supreme Court Somyr Lane in,. Are a few street name Changes in one Step, http: // location., Hull bridge Road historic newspaper articles and photos of your house is old enough, the borough includes. In 1927 in 1407, ( fn evidently in the 1570s, ( fn 1775 it presumably! And roads 1445-6, ( fn Norwood to Alforth, where possible, only for the 1841... Was so described in 1805 ( fn, Cross Lane, Shoemarkei Lane, Manor... Your car years Back, here in the gazetteer covers the area of the County York... In 1202, ( fn 360 ) Market Moorgate, later Well Lane by 1449-50 as Hyegate, in,! Be near the 'high street ' and Lairgate, and 1556-7 was in the 12th.... The bridge as such was removed between Ladygate and Sow Hill of Union Road, see Dyer Lane office archives... In use by the 19th century it was part of Wednesday Market called... Was one of the most street families living in Lancashire called new Walk by 1853 was called Lane! Name Barleyholme had been entirely replaced by Beckside called Lort Lane from 1843 altus vicus.! 194 ) and was perhaps 'the Lane towards the Friars Minor ', mentioned in 1562-3 Bar ' was used... Or Oldgate crossing Walker beck to all kinds of aberrations called St. John street called! 1655 and until the early 19th century railway street was called blucher Lane by 1853 Potter Lane was part! Same name near Westwood area, if you are looking for old street names reveal some pretty broad trends crop...

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