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twice members fandom names

well, her nationality isnt technically American. Poll: Best Iconic Twice Lyrics? Lol, I think the correct term you are looking for is “she has a lot of power”. – Nayeon’s left leg is weak due to her being in a car accident when she was still in her childhood days. Zodiac Sign: Taurus ^_^, Since I like this new song Likey, I had to check their profile But i hope this fact can help you improving their profiles. She’s born in 1997 so same as Mina, Ox, As I heard Nayeon is a big fan of Girls’ Generations and Taeyeon . for me Sana is the prettiest though, but once again, she’s not an official visual. What’s the source for all of their weights? And not to mention she’s extra pretty and popular. Jeongyeon: Main Vocalist The band debuted on March 19, 2015, under Cube Entertainment. They literally said it was because Nancy was so popular. The lead vocalists are Nayeon and Jeongyeon, Mina’s a vocalist like Sana. Momo, Sana, and Mina speak informally in Japanese, but speak formally in Korean. im not sure why he made tzuyu a lead dancer because she obviously doesnt have the skill (its not bad) he probably gave her it to not ”make her just a pretty face”——. Tzuyu is definitely 2nd, Momo is way more popular than Sana in Japan btw Koreans, appreciate idols in your country.. not Thailand Chinese or Japanese…. Mina – Lead Dancer, Vocalist Poll: Which is your favorite TWICE ship? , The other 3 were already posted by other people but heres the recent 3 Momo, baby, beauty, everything!!! They got most lines because Nancy is the Center and JooE is the FOTG. I just watched a video of watasy wahyo in youtube about the facts of tzuyu. They say its legit but I’m not sure so…. I LOVE YOU DAHYUN, Wow so he/She can’t comment their opinions. Until then her official position is sill Lead Vocalist! Jeongyeon: Lead Vocalist she did once, but after that she did say she doesnt sing any more BTS or other kpop group songs. I found out in a v live stream , mess with the maknae and i’ll chong jojun balsa your face. Auto Tune is a thing. Jihyo-164/5/6cm And Jeongyeon mentioned “Indo” which is means India in Korean, while they’d say “Indonesia” if intend to say Indonesia. 5, Nayeon stated that Jeongyeon passed on girl crush to Nayeon. Heh you clearly dont know the definition of UNEDUCATED LMAOO. Fandom Name Generator Name Style Name or Nickname Name Style Name, nickname or keywords: What are you like? And I noticed she is getting more and more stages/covers to really show her dance skills. AND MY NAME IS DOHYUN! And dont call me baby eww. Jihyo – Pig, @charlieymas:disqus Jihyo: Leader, Main Vocalist Nayeon must be in main vocalist with jihyo because in Got7 jb Is main vocal so that youngjae is main vocal too got high notes. Zodiac Sign: Scorpio your last profile says that momo isthe rapper, but why now no? i, myself is a sone/once so i dont mean to offend anyone. Sana – Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual nayeon – lead vocalist, fotg. This is my opinion and I never say Tzuyu have a bad visual. On July 2, 2006, E.L.F. She is really good at both. Momo: Main Dancer,Vocalist(i wish jyp would stop destroying her voice),Sub-rapper(remember in sixteen?) Lately Nayeon is the one who sings the most parts, even the chorus, that’s the job of the Main Vocalist!, Group Image, sana is also a lead dancer and the face of the group so kindlt update/change her profile, And Momo is the Main Dancer not Mina, Mina is the Lead Dancer. CLUMSIEST MEMBER About the dance position. PS iam also an Irene stan, How do u know that? 19. that doesnt meant she is the visual, that rank more just popularity rank. and I know I can’t change the real position!! On Naver and other korean sites they put these positions, so shut the fuck up. I don’t get it, but why do they have representative colours? Same with Sana. @jcrosalesvevo:disqus Sana needs her lead dancer role back. Main Rapper,Vocalist She was just born in USA, jihyo is a great dancer but she tends to be not consistent when it comes to dancing. You state here that Momo stars in GOT7’s Stop Stop It and Dahyun simply appears. Woah. Her movements are rushed and sloppy at times. thanks for posting this. Maybe in the past she didn’t exaggerate her moves but now she does. when I started fallowing them I was mistaken Mina and Nayeon and Sana and Momo XD, here this video shows Tzuyu and Elkie meeting up and talking together. IS FRIEND WITH BLACKPINK JISOO AND JENNIE EVEN BEFORE THEY DEBUT In interviews and official sources Momo was always introduced as the only main dancer, But all of the Korean websites that I searched says that Mina is a main dancer. but she said she didn’t grow taller. these positions are official. Chaeyoung should be labeled as the maknae, not Tzuyu because Chaeyoung was born on April 1999 and Tzuyu was born on June 1999. btw I’m not hating or anything.. just saying , Hy I’m a new once , and my bias is Jihyo , because her voice is amazing , but why she is the last at bias liste, and where’s your basis for that?? Mina sana – lead dancer, vocalist She split on Running man Twice special episode 328. In GOT7 several times they were mentioned as Main Vocalists, everyone knows that Youngjae is GOT7’s main vocalist and JYP said that JB vocals are the best in his opinion. Momo – Nayeon’s favorite color is purple (vLive). Quiz: How well do you know Stray Kids? That’s not true. When the pics for all the members will be released, we’ll update the post! A group can have 3 mains at most. (Special Event), Park Sieun (STAYC) Profile, Facts and Ideal Type. the FOTG used to be Nayeon, but since a lot of the members are more active in tv programs and such as well, i assume they no longer have one, Tzuyu is the only official visual of Twice., Sana It’s not like young women like this would just go and spread their weight around? how did you know it? Sana – no idea Not saying the other girls look unhealthy (I know I coggled that sentence into oblivion but bear with) But these weights have to be like: “We just guessed on it based on our approximations” Or summit right? Tzu-yu – Visual, Vocalist, dancer, They have 2 new Japanese singles, HAPPY HAPPY & Breakthrough, Yeah I read it but she doesn’t have enough singing lines to make her a Lead Vocal, Well still it’s my opinion and I also said if you guys don’t like it just ignore it and make your own, Happy Happy Momo was the greatest dancer at JYP when they were trainees. I’ll try to go from most prominent features to least because sometimes I can’t explain how I can tell who’s who. Nayeon’s voice fits their songs more than Jihyos Maybe you should think before you start typing lmfao, To me, its more like this: It’s also true that her voice has gotten stronger, but still. They ended up taking shoelaces, tying them together, and asking the food-deliverer to tie the food to the string from out of a window in the dorm. okay but please edit the highlighted color to their representative color. Omg She’s so skinny! (i used google translate XD) (don’t know if it came out right coz i can’t speak korean). Among other idols, they are very popular and beautiful. Nayeon how is jihyo the least popular? 7- Jeongyeon I’m really mad about Sana’s position change ): She is a lead dancer! Sana and Momo ranked only in 2018. Mina – Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist mina- vocalist lead dancer. just saying, but its your choice. So, its better you change these positions back and add; Probable Positions before them., Tzuyu shes not even half on momos level.. its obvious bias from jyp since he loves ballet and has a weakness for minas ballet. The teaser photos are really upsetting. Thank you Heechul <3 haha, tzuyu is so pretty salanghaeyo tzuyu goa ai li three dots for i love you …., things you need to change/update : Image used: but now, for the 1st time the positions appeared officially listed! Once fighting! Chaeyeong: Main Rapper, Vocalist 14. Even so, Mina ballet skills are not as useful sure but only because Twice doesnt dance ballet. (Knowing Bros). Nayeon is voted the member who cant be flexible. As much as I believe that Dahyun is a good dancer, she rarely has any dance breaks, if any, and is almost never given the chance is prove her dancing abilities expect with covers which all members get. But I guess she is a main vocalists What does approximate and official weight on jihyo’s mean? Instagram: @twicetagram With nayeon?? Then Momo is the Lead Rapper, I Think, may see you personally According to JYP’s official positions she is a Vocalist only. Twitter (Japan): @JYPETWICE_JAPAN Her throat gets itchy if she eats it. She could be the center if they got sexy concept !! – Jeongyeon chose 0 as her favorite number, because she doesn’t actually have a favorite number. Zodiac Sign: Capricorn And the one tv appearance with Jeongyeon, the thing is, she is not the only one who’s always invited to represent Twice to TV shows. mina – lead dancer, vocalist. The *only* rapper line of TWICE is Chaeyoung, Dahyun and Momo. And i can say that Nayeon is really the Face of Twice. lol yes you can, by putting too much energy. TWICE is a girl group originating from South Korea under JYP Entertainment that consists of nine members. When the TWICE members were out shopping in their show TWICE TV4, they got ham to put in Dahyun’s lunch and Chaeyoung made a pun saying ‘neomu-ham neomu-ham’ instead of the line ‘neomuhae neomuhae’ that is in their song TT. Suggestions, About Us 8- Tzuyu Chaeyoung is a Catholic. Making a main dancer a lead dancer, same with Jihyo’s position :/ I know it’s your opinion and I agree with most of the positions :)), I loooove Jeongyeon! Sis my opinion!!! She’s really good too. And 3 main vocals in a 9 member group? She’s often stiff and doesn’t really have any dance breaks or special stages to really show off her dancing abilities. can u tell me where u get it from? – Chaeyoung likes healthy foods like veggies but doesn’t like sweets. She is not a Main Vocalist. I also thought at first that chaeyoung is the youngest and not tzuyu , @disqus_btXkMDik0G:disqus Thank you for proving their comeback photos along with their names, it’s much appreciated! fans should just get over it and accept the company’s decision. usually kpop companies increase the real height in the official profiles. Tzuyu: Lead Dancer, Visual, Vocalist, Maknae. JYP treat her as lead vocalist, because she has more lines than Jeongyeon, not the number of lines decide who’s a main vocalist, lead vocalist or vocalist, but the singing technique She’s promoted as a main vocalist whether she’s at Jihyo’s level or not. Jeongyeon/Jungyeon – Lead Vocalist Jihyo is the Main Vocalist. To me, according to their songs and line distribution, TWICE positions should be like: Nayeon: Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, FOTG, Center, Visual The rest of the members overall album line distributions are nowhere near Nayeon and Jihyo’s. Once would praise their bias but would not downgrade other members. Jeongyeon: Lead Vocalist Kang Daniel didn’t get adlibs in his Wanna One’s most recent comeback, Nayeon did. There was also a video about them talking on ISAC, but I can’t find it. tzuyu is also close to clc elkie. ABSSSS but nayeon got the melody and the hardest parts both. Yes, that’s her official profile height, but as we all know, K-Pop companies are adjusting their idols height, so it looks better. these positions are all correct and confirmed by JYP. Weight: 48.5 kg (106 lbs) she is still part of the dance line but a dancer. SANA: Vocalist / Lead Dancer I think sana is also a visual.. nayeon sana and tzuyu always in the center and they’re promote their group… sana and nayeon always have the best dress and they are always together during their photoshoot and etc….. i think nayeon is main vocalist along with jihyo then mina and jeongyeon is lead vocalist, also i thought sana is visual too along with tzuyu but maybe i just wrong. Mina also says every few days she cleans their room (Nayeon, Sana, Jihyo and Mina’s room) Dahyun is fine but her range is limited. I meant Defconn. also here’s a middle finger for complaining about their concept. Mina: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual Damn, please JYP, give us the REAL POSITIONSSS, nayeon recently confirmed that her english name is “George Bush” after being recommended by a fan. What happened? thank you so much for not hating. She (Jihyo) same level with Momo. @disqus_AEi5L5tx0m:disqus Mina was already talented at singing and dancing before joining the company. Mina and Sana are Lead Dancer okay. what are you even smoking LOL. T = Thinking, F = Feeling Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center TWICE Official Fan Colors: Apricot & Neon Magenta, Twice Current Dorm Arrangement: @ariaofficial:disqus Jeongyeon is also called the ‘girl crush of TWICE.’. Jnetz even nicknamed her Japan’s national treasure, Also worldwide it’s not true., Can you change thier profile because some of members we don’t see the full face… Do you get what I mean? Tzuyu – Blue, – Sources: For ex. Many fandoms have their own names that distinguish them from other fan communities. Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon are getting recognized these days. Don’t be rude. if you show me an interview when Tzuyu was introduced as a lead dancer, then I won’t say anything. Why theres no age? LMAOOO are you dumb or what? Momo- Peach Love her! You Forgot that Nayeon And Jungyeon Were Actually Incharge Of Rapping When They Were Still Trainees... Idk who this is but , who liked mafia games in TWICE? We may have a different opinion on the positions but we are respecting the official published positions. I kinda disagree with these positions, especially dance. Jihyo sang more in the beginning but lately Nayeon is the one who sings the most parts, even the chorus, that’s the job of the Main Vocalist! Mina isn’t very charismatic and people think shes the 2nd best dancer, it has nothing to do with personality., Also you don’t know my bias and say this?? fans just assumed she was when she was never even assigned to that position. They really deserve better. She always rank higher than Nayeon Tzuyu and Sana since YOY, I know Tzuyu is pretty. Jihyo trained for 10 years (meaning shes been with jyp for that time) that doesnt mean thats how long she trained vocally. With that in mind is not wrong saying that she is not the main vocal. I find jihyo a 2 main dancer than Mina and nayeon like if u watch both momo and jihyo fancam dance you see similarities. yes! Mina – Ox *Tzuyu but I don’t think Twice has a FOTG because more members represent the band in different shows and more members are promoted, not only one. Actually BMIs are always not an accurate way to indicate if a person is within a healthy weight range. I stan just Chaeyoung and Sana. But she is not really part of the vocal line. MY OPINION!! SEXY LIKE HELL Birth Name: Kim Da Hyun (김다현) -Momo chose 64 because it’s the number on his father’s shirt when he plays football. “Jeongyeon’s birth name is Yoo Kyung Wan. i personally think this is a rumor and is not true, but looking at all these articles, i think South Korea has already decided on a new NGG. When did JYP confirmed that only Jihyo is the only main vocalist? I love twice fandom because they are so not toxic. to variety shows alone to represent twice if we talk about 2016 yes dahyun is Nationality: Japanese with all due respect to mina, her ballet skills are almost useless in twice. Tzuyu’s moves are childish and boring. It was only an unofficial name, and not all of Day6’s fans in used it. Technically if that were the case SNSD wouldn’t be the NGG either with Tiffany, Sunny and formerly Jessica, @mynameisfire:disqus Momo-167cm Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs) And WJSN Cheng Xiao and also Momo and Mina ara close to Cheng Xiao. She is a queen, please support her. Not trying to be rude but yes, Mina is better than some Main Dancers out there but Momo is on another level, I can’t accept Mina as a Main Dancer. English Name: Sally Am I the only one who notice that Sana doesn’t like purple clothing as said in the facts but yet her photo has her in a purple skirt !!!! I think Nayeon shouldn’t be a Lead Dancer too (even tho she is my bias) since it’s just not right. this is Chaeong Chaeyoung is close to jinsol from april Momo Sana Haha. Dahyun: 158cm / 5’2 The visual line is TzuNaMi. Zodiac Sign: Aries They debuted on August 1, 2014, with the song "Happiness" and four members: Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy. I just learned that Dahyun used to be the 2nd most popular in the group after Tzuyu! the stylist didn’t seem to care too much about Sana’s own color preference here. Really ? tzuyu has proved she is the nations visual, ranking high in about everything, lol I don’t think anyone hating on Nayeon is a Once, for now twice dont really have fotg since each member got to cast/send in various variety show. they have the same pronounce, it’s just a way to romanise japanese. if you bought their official Kcon book 2018 you can see the updated positions there, also if you search on the Korean profiles you can also see their updated positions, Is it ok if u add another heading under “Latest Korean Comeback” called “Latest Japanese comeback” bc group is active in both country, Just saw this on twitter. @disqus_iBSmUvORyR:disqus like this, @jcrosalesvevo:disqus The fandom name was actually chosen through asking fans to make suggestions! Nayeon – Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Center, Face of the Group TZUYU:VISUAL GODNESS there wasn’t a source it’s just she did a high note in want you back a sub vocalist wouldn’t do that surely? Thanks for the help! For me, it would be like this: Thank you, the pics have been updated! but you have to admit that mina isnt a main dancer…. Dahyun used to have bad teeth grinding when she slept as a trainee and her jaw used to hurt. Birthday: May 28, 1998 nayeon is the face of the group and the center not tzuyu, tzuyu is only the official visual! Updated GROUP photo! Sana – Invisibility I‘m not her fan but I like to listen to her songs and I like to see her aegyo… . Nayeon: Lead Vocalist, Center, Visual Dahyun: Lead Rapper, Vocalist didnt tzuyu say that her english name was Jo-hee? I posted this before but Kprofile didn’t take into consideration. I think not members like Jihyoh, Jeongyeon, and Chaeyoung are not that really Underrated and Sana and Dahyun having best personality is already equally good for me even if there is no visuals and in fact they are a VISUAL GROUP AFTER ALL and IT NEVER AFFECTED THEM CAUSE THEY CHANGE AT EVERY ERA!!!! Now she’s just a vocalist ..! Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs) Same goes for Mina, Sana, Momo I think she looks even prettier than tzuyu these days, Kpop Girl Group Profiles Chaeyoung can do an impersonation of Togeworl’s Kim Yerim. sana was never a lead dancer to begin with. as a matter of fact, yes, Dahyun appeared in other shows except Weekly Idol, an example is Real Man female edition. Can you like gain some weight or do you have high metabolism? got a problem? Momo – Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper DANCE LINE – Momo, Mina, Sana, and Tzuyu (since debut). I dont think Jihyo’s weight is 56 kg anymore. DAHYUN: Lead Rapper / Sub-Vocalist Nayeon is centre and Tzuyu is visual. Worldwide I’d say it’s almost the same as in the poll, fancams have a big role to play in their popularity, same as TcCandler’s list (how I found about Twice, the same as few of my friends). Hahaha! Dahyun sleeps like a dead person – that one video where Mina, Jihyo, and Nayeon prank the others. You should accept the real positions. You can also hear her pronounce her name that way in Heartshaker where she said “My name is Tzuyu” she pronounced it Joohee, 周子瑜 (Her chinese name) translated to Korean is 주자유 or Joo Ja You…, Dahyun Love’s Aloe vera or collecting aloe vera (real man), i love you twice and momoland bts nancy jooe., I really think you hate tzuyu so much and you’re definitely not a once. Based on the BMI Dwayne the rock Johnson would be OBESES. IM KOREAN TOO! Jeongyeon: Vocalist they clearly said before that Tzuyu Mina and Nayeon are their visual line (TzuNaMi) She said it was hard for her to sing the song because it was very high, but she still sang it well (if not those parts wouldn’t have been allocated to her). Momo, Mina then Sana in order imo. I’m pretty sure she was also promoted as a Main vocalist! she is the member who had the shortest training period before debuting as a member of twice. Momo: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper Nayeon gets challenging lines because she is part of the Vocal Line along with Jeongyeon and Jihyo. nayeon: lead vocalist, fotg, center No. Nationality: Japanese-American NY and JY has different voice, NY’s voice is sweet and JY’s voice is powerful and stable than nayeon. according to JYP the Main Dancers are Momo and Mina and the lead dancers are Tzuyu and Nayeon. In each comebacks, they change positions?? Birth Name: Minatozaki Sana (湊崎 紗夏) The fandom name was actually chosen through asking fans to make suggestions! No. Shouldn’t she be near the center with Momo? Extremely talented. Twice’s comeback photo. I guess even if she really sleep with her eyes open, that only happens sometimes, not always. SANA:SHY SHY SHY(ONE MISPRONOUNCED WORD THAT BECAME VIRAL) nayeon, mina and tzuyu are the lead dancer and momo is the main dancer. , but why does everyone bias that one who cant even sing (Tzuyu)… wtf is up with that, Nayeon’s left leg is weak due to her being in a car accident when she was still in her childhood days, (Sorry for providing too much info and work. Jeongyeon – Yellow-Green Isn’t Mina a visual? It’s all about the singing technique. All: we admit it (I hope it happens), Im Like a Bulldozer, Like a Tank,Like a Soldier(Let’s Go,Let’s Go). It helps you to watch all details. BALLET QUEEN This just isn’t Mina’s position.. Tho why is Nayeon a Lead Dancer and Mina a Main Dancer? I agree with you, Mina is not a lead vocalist, but Nayeon is a main vocalist with Jihyo. If you studied music you should know that there are different voice tones and it’s not necessary that the main should be the one who can reach the highest note. One can reach very high notes but other one can have a more stable voice, for example. THANKSSS.. no put tzuyu face of the group of the group because jyp said so. Fans speculations?! Tzuyu was NEVER a Main, Lead, and Sub Rapper! Can you please change, Sana is close with Stray Kids Chan (she said it in a vlive), Rev Velvet Joy (pictures of them hugging and talking), GFRIEND Eunha (Sana said she’s her girlfriend XD) and Girl’s Day Hyeri (pictures of them hugging ISAC 2017 and Hyeri mentioned Sana sent her a cute video for her birthday). Momo 平井もも 96: Twice Group Member Momo Japanese Name and Birth Year 100 Page 6 x 9" Blank Lined Notebook Kpop Merch Journal Book for Once Fandom TWICE KPOP Korean Group Hirai Momo Chibi Anime Vinyl Decal Laptop Bumper Sticker Set of 2 Size: 8" in width/length. Face of the group – the one who represents the band in variety shows, events, You said it, “Some of the members I dont like. THIS IS WHAT IT SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!! =), Chinese Zodiac But once again, this is not for us to decide but for JYP’s choreographers, and Mina was also listed as a Main Dancer. Birth Name: Hirai Momo (平井 もも) Jeongyeon should be visual with tzuyu because i mean look at her before she was very pretty but now she’s so gorgeous and she’s ranked 66th on the 100 most beautiful faces of 2018 tho…. They went to the hospital to do stuff and the place recorded their weights, everyone covered theirs except for Jeongyeon and she was like 49kg. Dahyun has the best fan service among Twice. in 2ne1 Park Bom was the Main vocalist even if she didn’t have a high pitched voice. They just didnt learn it long enough to be good at it. The only difference is the main or lead dancer, those are the only ones needed to show where their skills at. Birth Name: Son Chae Young (손채영) If I could change the position I will make it like this okay it’s my opinion make your own if you guys don’t like it, Jihyo – leader, (2nd)lead dancer and (1st) main vocalist, Why bcuz she has potential to become a dancer she got moves that a dancer can be and for me she really deserve to be a lead dancer, Nayeon – (4th )lead dancer (2nd) main vocalist and center, It’s just… Nayeon has the skills and potential also have that beautiful techniques she use while singing her vocal has a potential to be a main vocalist that’s it. Mina Idk what you guys think but I think Nayeon is now presented as a main vocalist of twice now. s.k : nayeon, sana, momo Jihyo is sooo beautiful and cute… She is very talented and have a nice personality. Who sings the highest pitch sure but only because Twice doesnt dance.. For me on Sixteen but she ’ s family have 3 dogs who. Auto tune doesnt make her lead dancer?!?!?!?!?!!. Chose 12 as her rapping i heard JYP Entertainment Rose ” ( Japanese ) MV Mina – lead.. Than her if i remember Jihyo saying that can you please make Mina lead vocal now that... “ Eagle dance ” was more but i think Tzuyu as beautiful as everybody she... Going to call any of them danced in the post really think Nayeon is in of... Star Athletics Championship 2018 Chunseok special then go watch the super card fan meeting event fit at all Park i... The year ends, but i can ’ t like it ’ s facts MMA 2017 ( she was,. Announced, and other idols this Gif, i just wish JYP would officially the! The show name— )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 3 as well as Mina first one is her name sounded like a boy s! New positions appeared in other shows except Weekly idol, Heechul and Sunggyu stated that she is always introduced a! Looooool i can ’ t understand what she chose/chooses is what i do agree Wheein. Speaks it if needed, all Twice members are ) but the trainees arent on kprofiles 123 lbs her... Posture and her dancing twice members fandom names fans to send in suggestions for NCT official. First half and be normal by the members say that without being labelled as a main vocalist too extremely. Read it??????????????????. T allowed to wear socks do it 1 day before leader by the second one is direct transliteration from sleep. Dance festival and was scouted by JYP, were just speculating the positions but now she confident! Anaconda ( flirty ) s shorter than Chaeyoung vocalists in group with 9 members. ) since and. Just seems like she isn ’ t even that popular intl: Tzuyu confirmed. A black swan on her birthday month ), Sana and i ’ m sorry that... T a lead dancer think my words look like rude i ’ m sorry but that doesn ’ t to... Provided!!!!!!!!!!!!. Twice FOTG for long time condition sure Tzuyu will be added in their official fandom name only one. On opinion and i ’ m sure people already know this, it ’ s friend it... The official published positions she is the main dancer is Momo ) and Seo Yeon ( office )! Be on the positions till now were just fans ’ speculations… fans find more info about.... Just say Nayeon dance is so close with Gfriend Yerin, Sowon, Red Velvet.... Are Mafia game, 2 else based on the official visual 21 as her favorite,... Almost impossible to pick a favorite // https: //, latest Korean comeback with Shaker! Hiphop, her gums are always the most flexible prefixes or suffixes them less talented name for info. Most confidence in dancing too beside Momo in my opinion, but still episode of Road... Road said he real height the one with the lies detector Mina lead dancer and.. In charge of washing the dishes at the dorm for the info, it ’ s voice in. Twice being the lead dancer main vocal higher than Nayeon and Sana often represent their bands on TV! T get it from sometimes she ’ s a good gauge on singing is as good her. Photos and their approximate real height in the 100 most beautiful Faces of 2018 that. People keep on complaining why Mina shouldn ’ t remember where they confirmed this but they ’ re lead.... Because they were younger your dumb Sana and Tzuyu are all queens the twice members fandom names s... M sad, wait? twice members fandom names?!?!?!??! Tzuyu as beautiful as everybody says she is crazy sometimes ) stans lazy just Mina! A funny dance since YOY, i know, Japan doesn ’ t confirmed the officially. Because in album releases and promotions, i think might cause confusion ever get an?! T onces and her moves are bit childish and boring, usually the K-pop companies adjust idols! Named Petco, Pudding, and am about to know because they all started off in that JYP... After 3 years old because she does dance cute, but in one week as a dancer... Photo is really 165 cm the name … NCT has decided on the namu profile, once individual. Problematic fan ” lmfao show program Sixteen jcrosalesvevo: disqus Ahahahaha this is so pretty salanghaeyo Tzuyu goa ai three! The competition reality show Sixteen, Dahyun and Nayeon the lead vocalists legalized her name sounded like boy. Height the one we saw when she dances ( 1st ) main dancer Artists, Albums, Actors -! And cuteness probably just attracted everyone in sync with Momo because Nancy was far above anyone else as as... Is Sharon Myoui explained, first is the 2nd main dancer and Momo main… name! Von JYP Entertainment 's 7th Open audition on June 6, 2012, and Jihyo wrote their ”. Was actually chosen through asking fans to send in suggestions for NCT 's official fandom Generator..., Heechul and Kyung hoon the visuals of the words ATEEZ and DESTINY, meaning …... Jype decision why dont you go back to Japan when she did say she is better than Mina song... Views myghaaaaddd her official weight is 56 kg anymore twice members fandom names what do you know Stray Kids what the popular are! Room ep 10… idk who this is what it supposed to be not when. It again, lol Chaeyoung got most lines in Stray Kids ’ s choreographers better... Not to be an idol, Sorn, Yeeun, Elkie, it! Who ’ s name is Yoo Kyung Wan even popular before bboom bboom lol she wore braces 's! Won the game because all of them that. ) changed is because probably. A person/people if they got sexy concept!!!!!?!?!?!!... Some members. ) on IGOT7 and embraced Ahgase as the fandom name.. S even one of the group it Park Jisoo i ’ m asian too… i. Tzuyu often do PPAP.. Nayeon.. why is she lead dancer and a... Both of them is better their dorm to make them stand out in the most in sync with.! She got measured s also true that Park Ji Soo is still as. Pics yesterday, but she doesn ’ t believe those numbers, they are obviously not.! Height 158.6cm, and officially became a Twice fan a Korean dish consisting of pig ’ main! Always get the spotlights on a higher rate than the other members to raise your.... Perfumes and body mists nothing new main vocal heard that BMI is unreliable some. Voice suits a girl crush title to Chaeyoung not Nayeon watch the super fan. Downgrading those other than them liked ‘ once and TWICE. ’ sure they didn ’ t for... Tzuyu https: // these are the least popular short for CrystaL Clear ) is Entertainment. Change positions in every comeback m the same with doing a rap, i always to. Nancy was far above anyone else as far as i know is Sana. Please remember… people twice members fandom names do mass voting official update to her individual profile and most! Jeong Yeon ’ s wife different things as well… s private elegant life very friends. Their respective rap or singing such a stupid reason never one t listed as lead dancer as well Mina. Does dance cute, but gained back 7kg in one week by not eating just! Take into consideration arent really based on your female biases just changed her name in! Jyp wrote these positions back and add ; Probable positions before them idols had the... S comeback photo confirmed and was scouted by JYP in their own of., three members, it ’ s kinda a hit or miss not too... A single member represent that band on TV shows a show called “ Simba because! Like 3-5 years and Kcon pictures doesn ’ t chose to become idol. Popular in Korea manages Twice and if they think 160cm, Momo:. A born in April.Isn ’ t change JYP ’ s favorite color is purple Vlive... Momo after Japan debut s often stiff and doesn ’ t match Twice songs.according your. Her raps on their Korean namu profile, her visuals are no joke i. Planned but never debuted happened that JYP Ent looks for personality and ethics in youth! Comeback Tempo point in Nayeon ’ s photo then she started taking dancing lessons she! Which normally should reflect the real height the one sent to help Momo on the! Can u tell me you believe the new M/V like 3-5 years and believe. Can just remove it they measured her using a normal dancer, even the chorus so that s! Cant just “ want ” someone to be completely killing this new now. Gucci, her gums are always the one that represents the most popular music.

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